Avoid Damaging Your Underground Utilities

Repairing or replacing underground utilities can seem over whelming but at Haynes Plumbing and Heating we can make customers feel at ease through the complex process.

Take the stress off yourself of not knowing where or how to dig by calling us today. Experience in the plumbing profession gives Haynes Plumbing and Heating the knowledge to address problems at the core and our customers the best options for repair or replacement.


Site Utility

The term “utility” revers to all the pipes and lines that are underground that transport water, gas, and electricity to the buildings within the community such as homes and businesses.

Site utility services includes water services, building storm sewers, storm drainage pipes, and building sanitary sewers.

Excavating and skid loader services

We use light excavating and skid loaders to properly dig where it’s needed to repair and replace pipes that are causing you and your family difficulties in your plumbing.

Our Excavating Services

Excavation & Grading

Residential & Commercial Work

Site Utility


Site Development